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LarryMessenger depends on
jcq2k and SimpleAIM

LarryMessenger is a simple to use and easy to install Instant Messenger. It is Open Source Software and is hosted as an Open Source Project at SourceForge.net

It is published under the GNU General Public License

You can download all available Source Codes, Binary Releases and Documentation from theLarryMessenger Summary Page at SourceForge.
The Version Alpha02_1 Version will be out soon and provides possibilities to exchange text messages in a LAN with no need for a central Server or a Internet Connection and enables the user to querry the ICQ and AIM Messaging Network.

Following Versions will include support for Proxy Server, MSN and the Jabber Protocol.

If you want to join the Project as a developer visit our SourceForge Page. You will find there all necessary informations.

If you got a list of features you are missing, please fill in Feature Requests at SourceForge.